NOMAD 270+ Premium Awning - Free Standing Policy and Warranty

NOMAD 270+ Premium Awning - Free Standing Policy and Warranty 

Mounting Requirements:

  • The customer must mount the awning brackets with a recommended gap of 800mm between the brackets and the vehicle to ensure proper stability and functionality of the awning.
  • The pivot point of the awning (where the awning opens) is to be no more than 400mm from the mounting brackets to prevent excessive stress on the awning structure.
  • In the kit we supply Brackets (imaged above) bolts & flat bar. You will need to source your own mounting hardware to suit your roof set up.

Vehicle Requirements:

  • 270-degree awnings are highly recommended to be mounted on canopies, tub racks or wagons that are capable of supporting the weight and set up of the awning. The customer is responsible to ensure the compatibility and suitability of their vehicle before installation. CAOS Staff are more than happy to assist with any questions regarding your fit & set up.
  • Vehicles must be able to withstand the wind load generated by the awning when it is fully extended. If the vehicle or mounting set up is not capable of supporting the awning, it may result in damage to the vehicle, awning, or injury to people or property.

Customer Responsibility:

  • It is the customer's responsibility to ensure that the vehicle and mounting area (roof rack, Rails, Cross bars, Platforms, etc.) meet the minimum requirements outlined in this policy.
  • It is imperative that the customer pack the awning up tightly to minimize movement during transit.
  • It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that all bolts, nuts, washers & mounting components are in good & safe condition, throughout the life of the awning.
  • CAOS recommends that the customer does not open the awning in adverse weather conditions such as wind, rain, hail etc.
  • It is the customer responsibility to determine when to use guide ropes, legs & suitable sized pegs in conditions that require additional support such as wind, rain, storms etc.


  • The Nomad 270+ Premium Awning includes a 3 year manufacturer’s warranty for CAOS Crew Members and a 12 month warranty for all other customers.
  • CAOS reserves the right to refuse any warranty claims if the awning is not installed in accordance with the requirements outlined in this policy. This includes, but is not limited to, claims related to damage caused by improper installation, use of an inappropriate vehicle, or failure to regularly inspect and maintain the awning and mounting brackets.
  • Damage caused due to use in adverse weather conditions is not covered under the manufacturer’s warranty. Should you require assistance with replacement parts, please email our Customer Service Team at
  • You can read more about our Warranty Policy & inclusion HERE 

By following this policy, customers can ensure the safe and proper installation of 270 degree awnings on their vehicles and protect their warranty rights.