The Essential 4WD Accessories For Your Next Weekend Away

The Essential 4WD Accessories For Your Next Weekend Away

The summer holidays are the perfect time to head off-road for a weekend away with your family or friends and explore the great outdoors. 

Before hitting the road, it’s important to make sure you’re prepared. There are a few simple, practical accessories that every 4WD needs to make sure you don’t get stranded and can enjoy your trip away!


Adding extra spotlights to your 4WD is a great idea if you are travelling in remote locations or clocking up K’s through the night. 

They help to increase your vision, compared to standard headlights, and can help you to spot hazards on the road ahead. 

There are plenty of options available for spotties, so you can choose the size and style that suits your vehicle and the conditions of the roads where you’re driving. 

You can check out our range of vehicle lighting options here


If you’re planning to travel through any water, a snorkel is a must. 

Every engine needs air intake to work properly and in 4WDs, this is usually through the front grille. So, when you’re crossing creeks, rivers or beaches, water can enter the engine and cause damage. A snorkel replaces the air intake point and protects your engine. 


No matter what car you have or your skills as a driver, you are going to get stuck from time to time. MAXTRAX makes it much easier to get a vehicle unstuck from mud or sand. Just place it under the tyres and then you’ll have traction to regain momentum and get back onto firmer ground. 

At CAOS, we stock MAXTRAX in a range of colours to make your trip safer.

Vehicle Awning

When you set up your camp, you might like some more shade to keep way from the hot summer sun. A great way to achieve this is by installing an awning or tent on your 4WD. 

At CAOS, we have a range of 4WD awnings available to suit your vehicle and help you create the perfect camping space.  

Are You Ready For Your 4WD Trip This Summer?

Whether you are going to the beach or the bush, you’ll want to be prepared. At CAOS, we stock everything you need to make your next 4WD trip a great one. 

Come in store or shop online to pick up your gear! 

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