Tent Vs Swag: What’s the right choice for you?

Tent Vs Swag: What’s the right choice for you?

It’s not exactly Holden Vs Ford or NSW vs QLD, but it’s still a choice that could dramatically impact your sleep and wallet.

Are you usually a tent or a swag person?

There are definitely pros and cons to both, depending on your needs and what feels right for you.

In today's blog, we will be discussing the benefits and drawbacks of Tents and Swags, in addition to the important factors you need to keep in mind when buying the place you will rest your head when you're out on the road.


The Pros

Tents offer you choice, comfort and versatility in ways that a swag simply cannot. 

For example, you’re not going to find a swag that offers room for a family of 5.

In addition to this, a tent gives you the luxury of having your own space to store your belongings and get changed. 

And of course, there are many types of tents for different conditions and environments. If you’re hiking and need a place to set up shop for the night, the tent you choose is going to be vastly different to the tent a family with 3 children is going to pick for a week away at Straddie

The Cons

While tents may offer you flexibility in some regards, there are circumstances in which they may become inconvenient. When purchasing and using a tent, it’s important that you keep ongoing maintenance into account in addition to the time and effort it will take to set up and pack down .


The Pros

Swags are typically used less than tents however, they hold just as many pros and cons. It really just depends on your needs and the environment.

Despite Australia’s climate usually being quite warm and occasionally humid, there are many regions where it can get extremely cool once the sun goes down. In a situation like this, a swag may prove superior to a tent due to its heavier and water resistant material which will insulate you better from the cold ground. 

Of course, swags are also incredibly easy to set up and packdown, making them an attractive option for campers who don't want to muck around too much.   

The Cons

Unlike tents, swags don't offer the same amount of flexibility in regards to different conditions and environments. Due to the extra weight from the material, many hikers might consider them too heavy. If you’re chasing a two person swag, you may even find that you're struggling to find space in your car...so make sure you have roof racks!

It should also be noted: If you’re not a fan of tight spaces, swags may not be for you. They are really only made to be slept in and accordingly, only fit a person lying down. All claustrophobes should avoid it! 



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