Roughing It? Don't Leave Home Without These 3 Essential Survival Items

Roughing It? Don't Leave Home Without These 3 Essential Survival Items

Heading out into the unknown can be great fun, but it’s important to be prepared for whatever the adventure may throw at you. 

Before leaving home, there are some essential survival items you should get to ensure your trip is a success. 

In survival situations, your most basic needs are for food and water, warmth and shelter, first aid, and hygiene. To meet these needs, there’s a wide range of survival gear available. If you’re looking to pack light, here are three essential survival items we think you should take. 

Survival Knife

A survival knife is an important tool for survival situations. Survival knives are small and lightweight, making them easy to carry. They have many different uses, including food preparation, cutting wood, shelter building, fire making, first aid, signalling and self defence. 

 At CAOS, we stock a range of tactical and survival knives to help you prepare for your next adventure.  

First Aid Kit

Another essential survival tool is a first aid kit. If you get into an emergency situation, or become injured or ill, having a basic first aid kit can save your life. You can buy a first aid kit or assemble your own.

It should include:  

  • Pain and fever medication

  • Anti-nausea medication

  • Band-aids, bandages and dressings of various sizes

  • Alcohol swabs

  • Stainless steel scissors and tweezers

  • Disposable gloves

  • Shock (thermal) blanket

  • Sterile saline tubes/sachets

  • Disposable resuscitation face shield

  • Antiseptic skin swabs

  • Stop itch cream

  • First aid booklet

If you’re going camping, you may like to add a torch and batteries, compass, and some rain ponchos to your first aid kit.  


When you’re roughing it in the bush, it’s important to have a way to stay warm. Although it may seem hot during the day, temperatures can fall dramatically overnight. Making a campfire is the best way to stay warm. A fire is also useful for providing light, for cooking food, and for keeping wildlife away. 

We recommend adding a firestarter to your survival kit to make it easier to light a fire and keep away the cold. 

Are You Ready For Your Adventure This Autumn?

Whether you are going to the beach or the bush, you’ll want to be prepared. At CAOS, we stock everything you need to make your next day trip a great one. 

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