Our Top Summer Beach Essentials

Our Top Summer Beach Essentials

The summer holidays are here! The days are longer, the humidity is sweltering and the drinks are being poured.

It’s the perfect time of year to pack the kids into the car and take a day trip to the beach.

You may be the type of person who makes day trips spontaneously, or perhaps you're a meticulous planner. Either way, there are a couple of things you’ll need in your boot to ensure the day goes aheads without any hiccups.

Making sure you’ve got this gear ready to go before you take off is going to minimise the chance of anyone being upset once you get to your location.

So before you look up any more locals-only hideouts, check out this list so you know the essentials to bring.


Whether you’re packing beers or poppers and fruit for the kids - if it’s a 30 degree day, you’re going to have something with you that needs to stay cool. 

The beauty of this cooler is it comes with a basket and cutting board built into the design, meaning you can easily separate drinks and food or meat and other food. 

If 42 litres isn't big enough, we've got 19L and 104L options too!

You can check out the CAOS 42L Adventure Series Cooler with Basket and Cutting Board here. 


If you've got a bunch of kids in the back, chances are you’ve got to be savvier than usual when it comes to fitting everything in the boot. Getting the esky, towels, food, shade, sandcastle toys and chairs into the back of the car can begin to feel like a game of Tetris. 

Luckily, Front Runner has come up with the Expander Camping Chair.

Amazingly, this comfy and stable chair folds down to the size of a laptop bag, meaning you no longer have to scratch your head wondering how on earth you're going to fit those bulky camping chairs into a boot that is already bursting. 

We’ve been receiving a bunch of great reviews on this chair and it’s currently a best seller.

If you’d like to test it out for yourself, you can find it here.


You listen to the music on the way to the beach...why should the good tunes stop once you reach your destination?

This speaker is hardly a dud. Some quick specs to get you up to speed:

  • Built-in Mic for hands-free phone calls
  • Bluetooth working distance: 10M
  • USB/SD slot
  • Micro USB charging slot
  • AUX line in
  • Durable exterior design with durable fabric. 

All these features make this speaker the perfect companion for your next trip to the beach. Regardless of the view, the weather or the company, you’ll be in control of the mood and the music. 

Also available in Blue and Black! Get yours here.

Are You Ready For Your Trip This School Holidays?

Whether you are going to the beach or the bush, you’ll want to be prepared. At CAOS, we stock everything you need to make your next camping trip a great one. 

Come in store or shop online to pick up your gear! 


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