Uniting the CAOS Community

Uniting the CAOS Community

We have raised $2000 for the Hummingbird house.

At CAOS, we take great pride in being active members of the 4x4 and Camping community. Our shared love for off-roading and our strong commitment to making a positive impact drives us forward. We firmly believe in the strength of community engagement and grassroots initiatives. That's why we proudly announce that our Carpark Sale Sausage Sizzle, held in June, was a huge success. Thanks to the support of the Brisbane 4WD Club in running the sausage sizzle on the day, we were able to raise and donate $2,000 to the remarkable cause of Hummingbird House.

Hummingbird House is an incredible organisation that offers vital assistance to children with life-limiting conditions and their families. We are thrilled to know that the funds we raised through our Carpark Sale Sausage Sizzle will directly contribute to improving the lives of those in need. By providing specialised medical equipment, recreational activities, and essential resources, our contribution will enhance the quality of life for individuals facing extraordinary circumstances. As a community of 4x4 owners and enthusiasts, we deeply understand the significance of supporting causes that align with our values and have a positive impact on our community.

The $2,000 donation we made to Hummingbird House serves as a powerful reminder of the unity and strength within our CAOS community. Through the hustle and bustle of our Carpark Sale Sausage Sizzle, held in June, we collectively raised funds to support this worthy cause. Our shared passion for off-roading and our commitment to giving back enabled us to make a meaningful difference.

We would like to Thank Wamuran Country Meats for their generous donation of all the tasty sausages for the event. Their support played a vital role in making our sausage sizzle a success. We would also like to give a special shoutout to Matt, Geoff, and the Brisbane 4WD Club for their invaluable assistance in running the sausage sizzle. Their dedication to choosing Hummingbird House as their charity for the year has made a significant impact. Thank you all for your support and commitment.

CAOS's recent $2,000 donation to Hummingbird House, raised through our Carpark Sale Sausage Sizzle, demonstrates the incredible power of our CAOS community to spread happiness and create positive change. As passionate enthusiasts who deeply respect our environment, we recognise the significance of community engagement and grassroots initiatives. Supporting Hummingbird House not only provides vital aid to children with life-limiting conditions and their families but also showcases our commitment to building a stronger and more compassionate CAOS community.

We invite everyone in our CAOS community to join us on this journey of giving back and supporting others.

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