How To Plan An Unbeatable Camping Trip With Friends

How To Plan An Unbeatable Camping Trip With Friends

You, your mates and the great outdoors... what could be better? Without a doubt, camping is the best way to spend a weekend: some good laughs with the best company!

Before you buckle down and start packing your ute or 4WD, it pays to plan out your trip. So, where do you start? Here’s how to put together an unbeatable camping trip with friends.

Work out sleeping arrangements

The first step to a memorable camping trip is choosing a site that best suits your needs. Figure out who’s camping in what and decide whether you need to book multiple spots to accommodate any extra space you may need.

It can be tricky to find available sites right next to each other. Try to book far in advance, if you need multiple campsites. There’s nothing worse than having to walk a hundred metres several times a day just to share dinner!

Pool your resources

If you’re sharing a campsite, why not make a checklist of gear for each person? The best thing about camping with a group of friends is that you can reduce your costs by assigning each person a list of items to bring.

For example, if you’re all planning to camp together, only one person will need to bring a stove, table, etc. This will save on overall costs and ensure that crucial pieces of equipment aren’t missing when everyone turns up!

Plan activities for everyone

If your camping group consists of more than 4 people, chances are pretty high that there’s going to be some variance in taste. Some campers are more than happy to sit back and play a board game, while others are keen to unleash the fishing rods or tackle a lengthy hike.

Before you decide on a location, have a chat with everyone and go through some options. Always try your best to choose somewhere that caters to everyone’s preferred activities. After all, this is a time to bond, not bicker!

Bring an emergency kit

Having a first aid kit when you’re camping with friends is essential . It’s easy to forget about safety when you’re having such a fantastic time with your mates, but the last thing you want is for your cracker of a weekend to turn sour because someone got hurt. Whether it’s a deep graze or a rolled ankle, responding to any kind situation quickly is key to ensuring that a camping trip doesn’t turn into a disaster.

A great place to start is our Survival Travel First Aid Kit. Whether you’re camping in the deep wilderness or at a popular camping ground, it’s stocked with all your essential first aid items, as well as plenty of safety extras. It’s every camper’s best friend!

If you want to know how to plan an unbeatable camping trip with friends, we have plenty of advice and information on our blog. We can help make sure that your camping expedition is one to remember – for the right reasons!

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