How to Perfect Your Camping Set Up

Autumn is the perfect time to pack your tent or hook up your caravan and head out on a camping trip. It’s time to snuggle up in your sleeping bag, cook marshmallows on the campfire and enjoy the outdoors. 

Setting up your campsite is not just about finding the perfect location. You’ll want to feel safe and comfortable too. Here are a few things for you to consider to create the perfect camping set up. 

Look for flat ground

When choosing your campsite, make sure it is on level ground. Avoid setting up on a slope, or rocky and uneven ground. Not only will this make you more comfortable, it will help to ensure your site drains properly. 

Try to ensure your campsite is on high ground and not likely to flood. Make sure any nearby trees are healthy, so that you won’t be at risk of falling branches in a storm. 

Stay close to water

Always make sure you camp near a water source. If your site has water pumps, make sure it’s only a short distance away. If you’re roughing it in the bush, make sure to stay close enough to a creek, river or stream. Remember to pack Chlorine tablets and a water purifier or boil your water before drinking to ensure that it’s safe. 

Keep food organised

Make sure to keep your food well-organised and out of reach of wildlife. If you’re cooking on the campfire, cook downwind to avoid enticing animals. Make sure you have enough ice or refrigeration to keep your food cool and safe to eat. 

Build an epic campfire

No camping set up would be complete without a campfire! Here’s some tips for a great fire:

  • Collect dry twigs, leaves and sticks for tinder
  • Only collect dead firewood (nothing green)
  • Start with kindling, then add larger logs
  • Build your fire a safe distance away from tents, trees and vegetation
  • Think about the wind direction 
  • Don’t have a fire if it’s too windy 

Follow these tips to have a great trip!

Are You Ready For Your Adventure This Autumn?

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