Everything You Need To Know About Tyre Deflators

Everything You Need To Know About Tyre Deflators

When you’re driving on softer surfaces like mud, dirt and sand, having the right tyre pressure is essential. To set the right pressure, you're going to need a specialised tyre deflator.

In this blog, we’ll share everything you need to know about tyre deflators to help you make the right choice. 

Why Do You Need A Tyre Deflator?

When driving off-road, lowering your tyre pressures can give you more grip on soft surfaces. Lowering the pressure means more of the tyre surface area will be in contact with the ground, making you less likely to sink in sand or mud. 

On rocky terrain, a tyre with less pressure will have more grip and so perform better. It’s also less likely to puncture on sharp rocks or sticks. 

Altering your tyre pressure can improve your vehicles’ overall performance through:

  • Increasing traction and floatation

  • Reducing wear and tear on your vehicle

  • Making it easier to navigate obstacles

  • Increasing your ability to drive on soft surfaces

Lowering your tyre pressure will make your off-road trip easier and safer and ensure you have a smooth ride. The best way to achieve this is with a tyre deflator, not just by opening the valve on your tyre and hoping to find the right pressure. 

Benefits Of Tyre Deflators

There are many benefits to using a tyre deflator, including to:

  • Rapid deflation saving you time

  • Get an accurate reading

  • Deflate to the right pressure (PSI)

There are many different types of tyre deflators available to suit your needs. One of the most popular are the pre-set deflators, which come in a set of four. They are simple to use and fairly accurate, and are designed so you can deflate all tyres at once. We recommend the CAMPBOSS Boss Air Tyre Deflator for a quick way to deflate multiple tyres.

Another popular type of tyre deflators are the pressure gauge ones, which release air very quickly while giving you accurate readings of your tyre’s pressure. We recommend the CAOS 70PSI Tyre Deflator Kit for accurate deflation. 

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