Choosing The Right Light For Your 4WD

Choosing The Right Light For Your 4WD

When you’re heading off-road, installing the right lights on your 4WD is essential for ensuring your safety and for having a good time. 

Although most 4WDs today come with quality headlights, adding specialised lighting products is important for when you are driving at night. Whether you’re tackling a track or travelling long distances for a weekend away, having additional lighting is important for reducing driving risks and fatigue.

Adding extra lighting to your 4WD can enhance your vehicle's visibility and help you navigate tricky off-road situations in the dark. 

It’s also great for spotting wildlife and avoiding hazards like tree branches or ditches. Remember, an incident with a kangaroo can easily write-off your vehicle (and ruin your holiday!). 

When it comes to lights for your 4WD, there are plenty of options to choose from. To make things easier, we’ve put together a quick guide for you on how to choose the right light for your 4WD. 

What Types of Driving Lights Are There?

Basically, driving lights come in two types: spotlights and light bars. 

Spotties are generally round, while bars are long and narrow. For the globe, there are also multiple options. Spotties come with Halogen, HID, LED, or LED hybrid. Light Bars mostly come with LEDs. 

Investing in the right light for your vehicle is important. When choosing a light, think about:

  • How much light/ brightness you need;
  • Shape, size and style;
  • Value for money;
  • How often you will use your lights;
  • How much power they will consume from your vehicle
  • The type of roads where you are travelling (eg. narrow and winding mountain roads or flat and wide desert roads); and
  • How remote the area is.

Before heading out into the bush, take the time to find the right lights for your 4WD. There are many reliable brands that stock specialised 4WD lights in Brisbane. 

Looking For Lights For Your 4WD?

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