5 recovery gear essentials for offroad 4x4

5 recovery gear essentials for offroad 4x4

Looking to navigate the rugged dirt trails of Sundown National Park? Maybe you’re keen to kick up some sand on Fraser Island. Making it through tough terrain and flexing your 4WD’s suspension is a thrill like no other. Which is why we say; Embrace the CAOS! But if something goes wrong, are you prepared? When 4x4 driving, there are a few items that you should never head off-road without. That’s why we’re coming to you with 5 recovery gear essentials that you need for 4x4 off-roading!


Before you pull out the bow shackle and snatch strap, take a few minutes to dig around your vehicle’s tyres using a quality shovel. This’ll not only save time but ensure that your 4WD gets out in one piece!

A shovel is an often overlooked (yet crucial) tool for the off-road enthusiast. Having one in your recovery kit is just as important as a jack or snatch strap. 10 or 15 minutes of shoveling can often completely change a recovery situation.

Made from high-quality steel, the CAOS folding shovel is an off-roader’s best friend. Strong and reliable, it also comes with a tough storage pouch that you can attach to a backpack or store under the seat. It’s a tool that’s TESTED TOUGH® and built to work!


The humble snatch strap is an essential part of any off-roader’s recovery bag. If your vehicle can’t escape a bog on its own, a snatch strap can be a lifesaver. All you need to do is connect it to the recovery points on your bogged vehicles and your mate’s free vehicle, and you’re all set. The amazing thing about snatch straps is that they stretch and store energy, The more that it’s stretched, the more effective it becomes! Think of a snatch strap as a big rubber band that can slingshot a bogged vehicle out of a marsh. Just make sure that any spectators stand well clear. You can imagine just how lethal a giant rubber band could be if it came loose! If you’re just starting out or you need a new snatch strap in your recovery kit, try our NATA Laboratory tested snatch straps! They’re 100% nylon, folded, stitched and canvas-encased reinforced loops. They also come with a heavy-duty protective carry bag and a wide velcro tie to make storing that much easier.


Safe recoveries will nearly always require a bow shackle; a simple yet effective device that offers a quick and easy way to recover a bogged vehicle. It’s always a good idea to have at least two in your recovery kit, and you should always use ones that are bright or highly visible. This makes them easy to find, should you sit them down or drop them when you’re out on the track. The CAOS single bow shackle is an essential part of a comprehensive recovery kit. It’s manufactured from durable Chromoly steel and finished with a two-coat anti-rust process: electro-galvanization and then powder-coating for ultimate protection.


As soon as your 4x4 leaves the highway, the first thing that you should do is let air out of your tyres. After all, the primary reason people get bogged or puncture a tyre is due to incorrect tyre pressure.

Every type of terrain requires a different tyre pressure. To accurately deflate your tyres to correspond with the conditions ahead, use a trusted, quality tyre pressure gauge.

First time on the track? Try our CAOS Tyre Pressure Gauge! Tested and calibrated to ANSI B40.1 Grade B (±2%) International Accuracy Standards, the CAOS Tyre Pressure Gauge provides quick and accurate readings.


Getting caught in the bush or on the beach with a punctured tyre isn’t fun for anyone! That’s why you should always have a spare tyre and a tyre repair kit. If the damage to your tyre is on the small side, and you don’t have a spare, a repair kit can get you running temporarily – until you can get a replacement 4x4 tyre. However, if you see any damage to the tyre’s sidewall, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll be able to fix it with a DIY repair. Use your UHF radio to contact the closest available emergency contact.

If your 4WD is going off-road, our 52 piece tyre repair kit is a must-have. It contains everything you need to escape a sticky off-road situation – with Allen keys, valve caps, an insertion needle, and everything in between to get your 4WD back on the track in no time.

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